Family Fun

Adventure is my middle name!! That is what I am feeling like these days, and I love it!  I have family that lives in the Tacoma area of Washington State.  My Aunt was turning 91 this year. After not being able to be there for her 90th birthday last year, I decided it was now or never.  Thanks to my cousin, who found an amazing deal, I flew for much cheaper than driving.  I planned a two week visit with all the family.  They are such amazing people, visiting once or twice a year is never enough!  This trip we celebrated my Aunt’s 91st Birthday with a lovely family party.  It was a great chance to see all the family in the area especially the little ones. There were so many good times and wonderful memories on this trip.  

Auntie Cee with her Brother Victor

Nana with 5 out of 6 Great Grandchildren

I must admit my highlight was going to the ocean! Two of my favorite places are Mountains and Water.  Being able to see both is such a treat for a landlocked Wisconsin girl!  While at the beach we saw a baby seal pup crying out for momma.  My understanding is Seals will leave their pups on shore while they go out and hunt.  Yes, they do comeback for them like deer do with their fawns.  It was so exciting to see nature firsthand.  The little guy was so adorable! You wanted to pick it up and bring it home with you. I do know that is a huge NO, but they are so cute!  My only regret was only having my phone to take pictures with.  Wanting to respect nature, I did not want to get too close to the little guy.  My pictures are not the best, but the memories will forever be engrained in my mind.  

Baby Seal Pup

We had a beautiful day at the beach, couldn’t ask for a better day, except the wind was not cooperating for kite flying.  We sure gave it our best effort! My cousin had asked me when the last time I flew a kite, I really had to think! It must be like over 30 years.  You know what? It made me feel like a kid again!  Those are moments that are filled with pure joy! I highly recommend finding something that gives you that feeling.  Pure joy is what life is about!